Datron wine coolers welcome you! We are active and happy to help you!

DATRON GmbH, German Quality Italian Design.

As wine coolers specialists we want to satisfy all your needs with our 30 different models. Do you have normal or special measures? We have normal and special measures for you! Not only, we also always have special products to show! We are actively searching to implement the best technologies, investing strongly into them: we use the best the market as to offer and we offer it directly to you!

We think this is our special power compared to other producers like us: the fact that we are directly focused on our products, selling them without using external services.

So, we are directly here, telephonically and via message to support you, we will offer the best prices, like in the discount periods or sale: 50% price discount on a wine cooler or a wine dispenser with the maximum quality, check for it!!

Wine Fridges... free standing, built-in, recessed, with compressor or thermoelectric functioning. Only these solutions are overhelming, imagine also to know that you can change every color of them, you can fit or put them everywhere, and they have a long term warranty! What about the fact they can be single, double, triple temperature? That they have a touch display, they are beautiful?

Your wine, your bottles of whisky, cognac, cigars, alchol in general, chocolate, tea, will be safe inside these special, magnifcient, products we do!
Wanna have a look? Check our product pages!
If you don't have time send us an email or CALL US!! We are happy to reply back to you and have a chat! This is a real support!

Why choose Datron GmbH:

  • We produced wine fridges for more than 25 years gaining great experience.
  • Directly from the producer to the final customer, best technologies, best saves.
  • We have 30 models in stock for every need.
  • We lead.
  • We offer costant support, with a phone line always avaible for every kind of problem.
  • We include VAT, delivery, warranty, package insurance, in the final price.
  • Products and optionals customizables (colors and other specifics)
  • We continue our support even after the selling process, following you.

If you don't have time, send us an email to commercial@datrongmbh.eu or CALL US (+43 1 2051085424)!

We are happy to reply back to you and have a chat! This is a real support!

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