Datron has been producing wine coolers for 25 years for famous international brands

In a few years only, DATRON GmbH has become an increasingly important protagonist in the world of wine storage, wine conservation and the wine service market. The air-conditioned wine coolers of  DATRON GmbH are unique in their design, aesthetics and functionality.

DATRON GmbH offers many free-standing and built-in wine cooler models. Thanks to their Italian Design and their drafting, they adapt to various furniture styles.

The wine coolers of DATRON GmbH can be easily integrated into the kitchen or living room because they fit every furnishing style. All models are equipped with an electronic display for temperature regulation and control, sliding or inclined shelves, activated charcoal filters, which are very important to avoid bad smells in the wine cooler, cold LED lights to not alter the internal temperature of the refrigerators, anti-vibration systems, double tempered glass with UV protection, adjustable feet, 2 YEAR WARRANTY and professional product assistance and support throughout Europe. We are always available.

DATRON GmbH is one of the most innovative manufacturers in the field of air-conditioned wine coolers for wine storage and service. We use the best technology on the market and sell our products through our online store only, which allows us to have low commercial costs, and so our prices for cutting edge technology products are below the average.

The price includes:


– shipping with dispatch advice by phone

– insurance

–  2 years warranty and product support assistance throughout Europe

– Customer support service always available