Low noise Wine Cooler | Datron

The wine cooler is not just a simple household appliance, but also a real piece of furniture for the kitchen, living area, corridor or dining room.

It is therefore important to choose a low-noise wine cooler that can reduce the noise level, or even prevent it.


Fan and Compressor

To maintain an ideal conservation of wine, the wine coolers are equipped with compressor and internal ventilation system. Once the desired temperature has been set, the system begins to create the perfect climate for the wine bottles.

The compressor is activated, thus optimizing the temperature of the wine cooler and the function of the fan. The air circulation avoids the formation of odours in the wine cooler and helps the cooling system to maintain the correct temperature.

The noise level of wine coolers mainly depends on the internal climate system, which is essential for the correct preservation of wine. For this reason, it is best to place the wine cooler in the living area to avoid disturbances during night’s rest.


The low noise Wine Cooler

The Datron wine coolers are equipped with low-noise power supplies in which the decibel level varies between 39 and 47. Depending on the model, the average decibel value is 40 dB, which is classified as low.

Our LUXURY product line is equipped with a high-tech compressor, and the power supply of these models only generates 40 dB for almost silent wine coolers.


Maintenance and noise

For correct use of the wine cooler and to prevent an intensification of the normal operating noise, it is important to follow the assembly instructions:


Do not place the wine cooler near heat sources, turn it off if the ambient temperature exceeds 40° C. Only load the wine cooler with the maximum bottle capacity provided.


Remember that hard floors and partition walls that are too close and do not allow adequate ventilation, make noise appear stronger than it really is.