Wine Coolers

DATRON GmbH and its distribution of wine coolers

The wine coolers of the DATRON GmbH are sold exclusively on its online shop.

Professional wine coolers (i.e. suitable for B2B customers), are now available for the household too, means that these wine coolers can be used also at your home.

The wine coolers of DATRON GmbH represent today the wine coolers par excellence on the Italian and German market in the quality of their services and their processing materials.

Resistant wine coolers finely designed give a touch of hi-tech to your kitchen or tavern, or simply place them in any other place of your home.

Our online shop and wine coolers
In our shop all offered wine coolers have the best combination of quality and price on the Italian and German market today.

This high quality product has an all inclusive price and after delivery you still have the right to withdraw from the contract within14 days.  

The product range of wine coolers

Our latest built-in wine coolers are elegant, resistant and have high-design.
This wine coolers give a touch of fine design and hi-tech to your environment.
The built-in wine coolers come in standard size and can be easily installed into your kitchen or living area.


High quality wine coolers, best materials and functionality:

• display temperature setting easy to use

• black fumed glass makes the wine cooler even more elegant

• practical and resistant front door handle to open the wine cooler