Our wine fridges, exclusively branded DATRON, world leader in construction and                distribution of fridges and refrigerators, are offered at really discounted prices.

These wine fridges take a clear position in the Italian and German market.

In fact, these refrigerators are suitable for the market of professional wine fridges.

This means, that the same wine fridges are used by professional catering businesses too.

We are therefore able to provide you not just a simple refrigerator suitable for domestic use, but our professional refrigerators with Italian Design are ease to use and suitable for every customer.
Here are some of the functions of our wine fridges:
– possibility to set two distinct temperatures on different zones in the wine fridge

– double glazed with fumed glass and UV protection, to make your refrigerator even more elegant and exclusive

– practical and resistant handle for opening and closing the refrigerator

– exclusive and refined design, an excellent combination between black, stainless steel and the elegant wooden shelves of the refrigerator

Wine fridges or refrigerated wine displays with bottle holders are available in different versions.

Dual Zone: the wine fridge allows you to set different temperatures

wine coolers or refrigerated wine displays for storing wine bottles.

Production head office: DATRON GmbH